Rob McRanie "Team CRAP Happens"

Capt. Robby McRanie raised here in Florida and traveled to the Bahamas for the summers as a child with my father.  His love for the water started at the age of about 7 years old. He started out by just running around the flats of the St. Mark’s area fishing after school.  After moving to the Tampa Bay area he was able to expand his fishing horizons by venturing offshore to check out a few holes about 10-15 miles west of blinds pass.  

   Then in 1990 He started competitively fishing the SKA circuit here in South Florida area from Pinellas to Key West.  After buying a Contender in 2006, He was able to venture even further to fish more areas from St Augustine to Key West, Green Turtle Bahamas to Biloxi.  Every fishing trip teaches him respect for the water and life in it. 

During the summers, he ventures up to Homosassa Springs for fun out on the scalloping grounds.  He and his family have been doing this for over 40 years. It is time away from fishing with a rod but to him it is still fishing just under water and with a mask.  Either way it is still fun out on the water and that is where his enjoyment of life is.


So anytime, you are out on the water in the Pinellas /Hillsborough County or Homosassa / Crystal River make sure you look for him. If you find him make sure to say hello.