About Us

OceanicGear is a Florida based company and was founded in 2014 in Tampa, Florida. As a company our employees embody the on-water lifestyle! OceanicGear's ideology is firmly hooked into the fishing and diving culture in our home State. Civic involvement is very important to us at OceanicGear! We all stay extremely active in community events, tournaments and charitable causes. 
OceanicGear's Apparel has combined a unique look with high performance materials! Our headwear, outerwear and swimwear all get the same attention to detail and quality that you have come to expect from our shirts. OceanicGear has something for everyone!
We know we are the new company on the block but here at OceanicGear we strive to stay on the forefront with innovative products at affordable prices! Our lineup of products is Vast! So please take some time to check everything out.
Wear the Gear, Catch the Fish!