Lauren Hall

“Bluefish” Lauren’s childhood nickname gifted to her by her uncle seemed fitting. A sassy-tomboy,
a fighter who always went after what she wanted.
Blue is a Florida native with a great sense of pride for the state she grew up in. Raised on a farm in Delray Beach by her father she’s the oldest of two daughters. Her Father never let gender distinguish what she could or couldn’t do. He taught her to live a diversified life, to chase what she loves! He always said she could do anything the boys could do, "He really just wanted me to mow the lawn”.
Offshore fishing was her first love, she was blessed to have spent her summers in the Caribbean free diving, surfing and catching fish.
A recent move to Stuart FL has put Blue back on the map since becoming a Registered Nurse. She now spends all her free time on the water learning an entirely different type of fishing, inshore! “Catching snook and drums has become an addiction!” Lauren is also an ocean advocate. She actively takes part in marine conservation. “I pray people see my unwavering passion to protect sharks, sea turtles, reefs and inshore eco-systems"! She does this so they join the cause. The United States is the greatest country in the world thanks to the men and women who protect it, and our liberty/freedom. It’s our duty to set an example for the rest of the planet. #lovetheredwhiteandBLUE. Follow me on IG @bluefishblonde to share my adventures