Kelly Young

Kelly Young was born and raised in Florida. She has lived her life with salt water in her veins. Kelly has grown up around diving, fishing. She began her fascination with the ocean and marine life at a young age, and never looked back. In her own words she says she was “the child playing in the bait bucket and picking up worms out of the dirt”. She would try to pick up any kind of critter she saw, from worms, to snakes, and of course any fish!

Every year she goes on vacations to Islamorada in the Florida Keys for lobster season where she enjoys fishing and diving with family and friends. Kelly is now becoming a certified SCUBA diver. This will allow her to embark on even more underwater adventures, and to enhance her ability to capture breath-taking marine photography. 

Currently, Kelly works as a safety diver on a shark dive boat for Florida Shark Diving located in Jupiter, FL.   With her love for all things salty, she is always up to fish and dive no matter how trying the conditions.


Instagram: @Islandkey_