Captain Janelle Palm

   JP as she likes to be called was born and raised in the St.Petersburg area located in the heart of the West Coast of Florida.
   She has spent her entire life on the ocean or in the woods, and is extremely passionate about the outdoors. JP was taught at a very young age everything she needed to know about being on the water and in the outdoors. She has a deep respect for everything she has learned and strives to pass down her knowledge to future generations. 
   Even though she has been fishing her entire life, she kicked it into high gear over the past few years. This next gear included starting to work in the fishing charter field. 
   JP is a USCG Certified Captain and works for an inshore fishing charter but absolutely loves when she has the opportunity to go offshore.
   She also competes in all of the local tournaments as the lady angler for her team, and is the tournament director for several charity fishing tournaments throughout the year.



Instagram @Jpalm727