Captain Ali Hobson

Captain Ali is Oceanic Gear’s fun-loving energetic firecracker! She runs the “Frigate About It” - a 23’ Pathfinder DV Center Console. Ali certainly knows how to have a blast on the water but she can also be a fierce force to be reckoned with when it comes to getting a big fish over the gunwale. “When that line starts screaming, it’s all I can do to stay relaxed.”  

Growing up in South Florida, Ali is no stranger to the water. Her love of the sport was fueled exponentially when her Dad moved to Islamorada when she was a kid. “A bucket full of live shrimp would keep me occupied for hours. I’m pretty certain I drove the mates at the old Holiday Isle nuts with all my questions. I was always trying to get them to teach me stuff!” 

About a decade later, Ali’s focus quickly changed to offshore fishing. As that love grew  tournament fishing became the next challenge. “I’m ridiculously competitive and after the first few tournaments I participated in I knew there was no turning back. It’s an absolute addiction! Our team will certainly be competing more here in the near future.” Ali’s husband, Dan, is an extremely well-rounded angler and has inspired her to step-up her inshore game. “It’s a whole new strategy and challenge for me. I had no idea how much precision and patience it takes. However I’ve had a great teacher. It’s definitely made me a better overall angler! I’m most excited about becoming knowledgeable and consistent in every aspect of the game.” 

When she’s not fishing Ali spends as much time as possible with her kids. Her son Bob and step-kiddos, Jett & Stella. However most of that time is spent either fishing or doing something outdoors. “They’re into it and we couldn’t be more ecstatic. It’s my goal to inspire young future anglers to get out and fish as much as possible. In my opinion, there’s nothing comparable to growing up on the water!” 


Instagram @AliHoo10