Lea Anne Powell

Lea Anne was born and raised in Georgia, found her passion for fishing at a very young age.  When her cousin took her to a local freshwater fishing hole that was stocked with rainbow trout that first tug became her drug.  She was HOOKED!

She has resided in such places as Tampa Florida, Oceanside California, and even Dubai United Arab Emirates.  These locations really introduced Lea Anne to the saltwater fishing which is what she focuses on majority of her time on now.  However, you can spot her at a lake by herself on a dock or on a bank chasing bass.  Occasionally she will drag her adopted sisters with her, teaching them the ways of the lake. 

Lea Anne specializes in hand-lining, rod and reel, and is now getting her feet wet with bow fishing.

One of her most memorable fishing experiences was fishing in the Indian Ocean for Long Tail Tuna, which is a species of Tuna that is a mix of Yellowfin Tuna and Blue Fin Tuna.  She fought a 55lb long tail on light tackle that took 50 minutes to reel in.  It was one heck of a fight!  Another was fishing on the Red Sea out of Hurghada, Egypt.  Camping out on a 32 foot boat under the moon in a sleeping bag was certainly one for the books.  

If Lea Anne isn’t fishing or planning her next trip you can find her on a race track.  She is a professional racing driver as well as an FIA certified driving coach who has instructed at the world renowned FIA track Yas Marina Circuit. 




Instagram: @LeaAnneP