Brittany Tareco

Brittany, growing up in Tennessee she found her passion for fishing as a young girl! Fishing with her family on trips to Florida allowed her to cultivate her passion. The day she caught her 1st flounder off a dock she was hooked!

Even though she still resides in Tennessee, that hasn't stopped her passion for saltwater fishing. Whenever she gets the chance she packs up and heads down south. Most of her fishing is done out of Destin, Florida. 

One of her favorite things is trolling for Kingfish or bottom fishing for huge Red Snapper! Brittany has fought everything from 500lb sharks to 3lb bass! 

One of her most memorable fishing experiences was shark fishing out of Crystal River, Florida. She reeled in a 14ft Tiger Shark. The adrenaline rush was definitely a start to an awesome addiction of shark fishing! 

If Brittany isn't fishing, she's planning her next fishing adventure.


Instagram:  @Brittanytareco