Benson Ybanez (Team Open Wide)

Team Open Wide competes in the Southern Kingfish Association and Kingfish Cup Series.  The team consists of five members: Benson Ybanez, Brett Parrott, Jeff York, Ross Lapoine, and Tommy Steeves.  Our boat is a 2009 35ft Contender powered with twin 350 Yamahas. We have been kingfishing since 1997. We fish approximately 15-20 tournaments per year combining sanctioned and unsanctioned events throughout North Carolina and South Carolina.  We believe our hard work ethic, never quit attitude, and outstanding sponsors have helped our success over the years.

Instagram: @bensonybanez


2010 11th Division 1 SKA
2010 6th Raleigh KMT
2012 13th Division 1 SKA
2015 3rd Place SKA National Championship Single engine class    
2016  1st Place Regular Season Champions in Cape Lookout Series
2016 4th Place 2nd Leg of Cape Lookout Shootout
2016 5th Place Team of the Year in Cape Lookout Shootout
2016 5th Place Swansboro 50 tournament
2016 1st Place Lady Angler Swansboro 50
2016 7th Place 3rd Leg of Cape Lookout Shootout
2016 8th Place 1st Leg of Cape Lookout Shootout
2016 11th Place Division 1 SKA
2016 11th Place Division 9 SKA
2016 6th Place King of the Cape KMT
2016 2nd Place Overall Lady Angler of Year CLSO
2016 Qualified for National Championship in 2 Divisions